Who may benefit from taking M-Gard®?

M-Gard® is recommended to anyone who wants to enhance the effectiveness of the immune system. The following groups can expect to benefit from taking M-Gard® daily:

  • People who have impaired immunity from any cause.
  • Persons who experience daily stress, overwork, sudden change of environment, have a poor diet.
  • Elderly people when immune reactivity starts to slow down due to the natural aging process.
  • People who exercise excessively, because they often have a suppressed immune system.

Can M-Gard® be taken for a specific disease?

M-Gard® supports the critical functioning of your immune system by modulating your immune cells that are part of the innate immune system. This means that M-Gard® does not fight a specific disease directly, but rather enhances your vital disease fighter (your immune system).

For how long should one take M-Gard®?

M-Gard® should be taken on a daily basis year around, or prior to stressful periods or seasons known to represent an increased risk of diseases.

Is there any known toxicity or negative side effects of taking M-Gard®?

No, ArcticZymes Technologies ASA (formerly Biotec Pharmacon ASA) has already carried out the official toxicity studies needed for clinical trials with human patients of the companies pharmaceutical product candidates.

Could daily intake of M-Gard® cause over-stimulation of your immune system?

After your immune cells are exposed to M-Gard®, the modulated immune cells stay in a resting mode until the presence of a virus, bacteria, fungi, etc. So the immune system is not running at “full engine” all the time, M-Gard® merely enhances the immune responses during an infection.

Can people who are sensitive, or allergic, to yeast take M-Gard®?

Yes, the components in yeast, which may cause allergy, are removed during the production of M-Gard®.